Resident Services Director Online Course (SNF)

  • Students will have six months from the date of registration, to complete coursework and exam.

    Course Overview

    This course is designed for new Resident Services Directors or Social Service Designees in skilled nursing facilities, but is also an excellent refresher reference for experienced Social Service personnel.

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    This training program was developed for individuals who provide supportive social services to residents in long term care facilities in Idaho. Although the training is designed to help non-licensed Resident Services Directors who provide these services in facilities with less than 120 residents, the licensed social worker new to nursing homes will find the program of value in understanding the delivery of resident care that is unique to this environment.

    • A qualified social worker is an individual with:
      • A bachelor’s degree in social work or a bachelor’s degree in a human services field including but not limited to sociology, special education, rehabilitation counseling, and psychology; and
      • One year of supervised social work experience in a health care setting working directly with individuals.
    • Any licensed social worker who is required to be full-time in facilities with more than 120 residents must meet the qualifications stated in the document, Guidance to Surveyors-Long Term Care Facilities, F-TAG 850.
    • The terms social work, social services, ethics, resident advocacy, and the functions that these terms generate form the foundation for this training program.

    Please Note: The content presented is not intended to be all-inclusive of everything you need to know.

    Learning Outcomes

    Participants who complete this program will be able to:

    • Identify the role, responsibilities, and characteristics of the effective Resident Services Director.
    • Locate and use the rules, regulations, and policies that they generate in establishing standards of practice for the Resident Services Department.
    • Perform residents’ assessments and develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate residents’ plans of care including plans for discharge.
    • Perform all documentation required.
    • Develop, implement, evaluate, and improve programs for residents with special service needs.
    • Manage the Resident Services Department (staff, volunteers, and responsibilities) with effectiveness.
    • Plan effective social services that are internal and external to the facility for residents by using coordinated resources.

    Special Notes

    • Participants should have ready access to the Guidance to Surveyors–Long Term Care Facilities, published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
    • F-TAGS 557, 745, and 850, in addition to other TAGS throughout the document, pertain directly to the provision of social services in nursing homes.
    • Each participant must be fully aware of these TAGs and what they mean for the RSD.


  • Course Requirements

    Training Program for the Resident Services Director

    Module I:  Introduction to The Role and Responsibilities of The Resident Services                                                     Director in Long Term Care – 8 hours

    Module II:  Rules, Regulations and Reimbursements in Long Term Care – 16 hours

    Module III:  Resident Assessment and Plan of Care – 20 hours

    Module IV:  Interventions for Residents with Special Needs – 20 hours

    Module V:  Working with Families: An Essential Part of Each Resident’s Care – 16 hours

    Module VI:  The Resident Services Director as Manager – 20 hours

    Module VII: Resources Needed for Effective Social Services – 16 hours

    Program Format

    This is a self-study, competency-based, training program that is to be completed by the participant, a Resident Service Director. Each competency is a statement that represents the knowledge, skills, and attitude that effective Resident Services Directors (RSDs) should know and be able to do. It is expected that participants will have varying backgrounds and experiences. Therefore, participants are encouraged to self-assess their ability to perform the competencies by completing the self-assessment tool in the beginning of each module and to concentrate on the areas that are weakest.

    • There are seven modules.
      • Each module concentrates on a major duty area of the job of a Resident Services Director.
      • Four of the modules (I, II, V, and VI) have a self-assessment tool of knowledge that each participant should complete to identify how well they understand the content.
      • The other three modules (III, IV and VII) have self-study assignments to complete that will take the place of the self-assessment of knowledge.
    • The content presented is not meant to be all-inclusive, many tasks are best learned while doing the work of a Resident Services Director.
    • Course consists of seven (7) modules and a cumulative on-line exam.
    • Students will have six (6) months from the date of registration, to complete online work and exam
    • Each participant will complete the following:
      • Reading assignments
      • Self-study assignments
      • Online participation of thoughts and discussion board
      • Module quizzes
      • End-of-course exam (must achieve 80% or better)
    • The online program consists of approximately 120 hours of self-study that are to be accomplished by completing assignments as outlined in the manual, Self-Study Assignments for Completing the Resident Services Director Training Program in Long Term Care.
    • These assignments will require dedication of the participant’s time. The student and their LSW preceptor are encouraged to set deadlines for submitting the assignments to help complete the program in six months.

    LSW or MSW Preceptor Requirement

    • Each student is required to have a Licensed Social Worker preceptor with at least one (1) year post licensure in long term care.
    • Preceptor will review and provide comments to each of the assignments.
    • It is recommended the Licensed Social Worker providing consultation to the facility, be the preceptor for the student.
    • The IHCA Education Coordinator will periodically monitor online work of the student and preceptor.
    • A copy of the LSW current license should be submitted with the required Preceptor Agreement.

    Course Completion

    • A Certificate of Completion will be provided by Idaho Health Care Association once the student successfully completes all four (4) requirements listed below.
    • There is a quiz at the end of each module, and a comprehensive exam at the end of the course.
    • The student must pass each quiz and the exam with an individual grade of eighty percent (80%) or better.
    • Following completion of the online course work and required webinars, the student will be required to attend the Social Services/Resident Services Track at the next IHCA Annual Convention OR other IHCA Workshop.



    Preceptor Information


    In-person attendance (at least 6 hours) at a Resident Services track at an in-person IHCA Event

    • These are generally held twice each year:
      • March – at IHCA Training Center
      • July – IHCA Annual Convention
      • Other opportunities may be offered periodically as well
      • You must successfully complete the online course at least three weeks prior to the event.


    Certificate of Attendance from each of the following trainings/workshops (14 hours)

    • Abuse, Neglect, Investigation and Reporting (2 hours) – required
    • Mastering the Art of Dementia Care (7 hours) – required
    • Behavior Management (4 hours) – suggested
    • Advanced Care Planning (2 hours) – suggested


    Work Experience Verification

    • The participant is expected to complete 1040 hours of clinical time or work in the position of a Resident Services Director in a skilled nursing facility.
    • Hours already worked as a Resident Services Director under supervision of a licensed social worker counts toward this time.
    • The participant must submit the Work Hours Verification Form signed by administrator.


  • Fees

    $199 per person

    • The course is not transferable and NO REFUNDS will be issued after you purchase the course.
    • Students will have 6 months from the date of registration, to complete the online coursework and exam.
    • If not completed within 6 months, student must re-register at full registration fee.
    • Following completion of the online course work and required webinars, the student will be required to attend the Social Services/Resident Services Track at the next annual Convention OR IHCA Workshop.

    Please read How to Register to learn more about the registration process.

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