Everyday Heroes

Codi Myers

Royal Villa Care Center in Payette, ID

“I appreciate the opportunity IHCA’s Apprenticeship program has given me.  I am a single mother with three young boys at home.  I would never have been able to take these courses (CNA & AL Administrator) without my apprenticeships. Not only am I bettering my life but also my children’s.”

Thanks so much,

Rachell Larsen

Rachell Larsen is a healthcare and nutrition hero. She dedicates the time and goes above and beyond to provide support and share her expertise with Idaho facilities. Recently, she has been helping facilities prepare for surveys, connecting facilities with community resources to address staffing shortages, covering shifts in the kitchen, mentoring new RDNs and CDMs in long term care, and providing professional development to RDNs and CDMs throughout the State on best practices for food and nutrition services.

Thank you, Rachell!! 

Macy Hadry, Jamie Wilding and Jared Anderson

Madison Carriage Cove

We are fortunate to have Every Day Heroes that surround us here at Madison Carriage Cove, but nowhere else will you find a formidable trio better than Macy Hadry, Jamie Wilding and Jared Anderson!!! When these three show up to work for their residents they are filled with energy and excited to care for people. Their hearts are full of compassion and service!!! We all need a Macy, Jamie and Jared in our service. #CNAsROCK #AmazingNurse

Dee Fullington, Nutrition Coordinator

Life Care Center of Boise, Idaho

Dee Fullington, nutrition coordinator at Life Care Center of Boise, Idaho, received Life Care Centers of America’s Northwest Division Whatever It Takes And Then Some Award on July 24, 2021, for her dedication to customer service. Dee was chosen from among thousands of associates in the Northwest Division and was one of only eight associates from Life Care’s more than 200 facilities nationwide to receive the award.

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Randon Nelson, Maintenance Director

Life Care Center of Lewiston

Randon is truly one of a kind. Since Randon began with us in 2013 he has been an outstanding mentor, employee, colleague, but most of all, he is an exceptional leader. During the pandemic the support he provided the facility was exemplary in all areas. Randon worked 401 days straight to ensure PPE counts were obtained, isolation carts were stocked, and staff had necessary equipment to perform all job functions. He provided education to staff when changes took place, maintained a positive disposition, and was often a support system to many as we navigated a COVID outbreak. He goes above and beyond on a daily basis. In the winter months he will often lend a ride when the roads cause others difficulty getting to and from work.  Employees praise Randon for his dedication and the pride he takes in his role in the facility. We are beyond grateful to have such a loyal, compassionate, and caring member on our Life Care team!

Heather at Team Orchards

Heather Ellis-Worlie – Team Orchards Employee Spotlight

….to Heather, Activity Superwoman! How you changed our lives of recent. The daily joy you bring, the creativity, the engagement of residents and staff. You make us happy. You are rocking it!

We’ve noticed….
* Resident behaviors have decreased significantly.
* Your group engagement provides the floor staff the opportunity to spend more time with those that don’t participate. Your ideas are so creative, engaging, stimulating and fun!
* We like coming to work just to observe the joy.

~ From, “A Nurse on Team Orchards”

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Kelly Kissel

Monte Vista Hills Health Care Center

Kelly Kissel is celebrating 24 years at Monte Vista Hills Health Care Center!!!

Kelly started working at the building on a part-time basis in February of 1997 as a dietary aide. He quickly moved up the ladder to a full-time cook. In 2008, he started taking classes to get Certified as a Dietary Manager. He took the test in 2010, passed and took over as the Dietary Manager and he has excelled as a leader. He has helped in many different departments, he even ran the maintenance department for a time when there was a lapse in department heads. Kelly is willing to help anywhere he is needed. He comes in early to make sure that the kitchen is prepped and ready for his staff. He ensures that all the diet orders are followed carefully, working long hours to get everything just right. He often makes special orders for the residents to make sure that they feel comfortable and at home at the facility. He even makes brownies for certain staff members when they are having a tough day ?.

Thank you for all you do Kelly!  We love you!

Theresa Aiken CDM

Advanced Health Care of Grangeville

Theresa doesn’t know quit, slow down, take
a break, or let someone help. She tackled countless double shifts, the COVID challenges, her own personal battle with cancer and COVID and put one foot in front of the other and powered through everything. The quality of her work and care for her residents never faltered. We cannot express our appreciation and amazement for Theresa’s strength, heart, and dedication during such a difficult year.

Thank you, Theresa.

Travis Tolby, CDM

Advanced Health Care Lewiston

In addition to managing his kitchen during COVID challenges, Travis has risen above his own battle with cancer, COVID challenges, passed his CDM exam and kept the facility in great condition to provide excellent dietary services. Travis stayed overnight many nights this winter working double shifts to ensure he was available for his residents. Travis gives everything he has and more.

Thank you, Travis

Norma Rodrigues de Andrade, CDM

Aspen Transitional Rehab

Norma is not only a very strong coworker,
in the role of Nutrition Services Director and housekeeping manager, but an amazing wife, mother and friend. Despite COVID challenges including the deaths of 2 parents and almost losing a third, she has worked tirelessly to ensure things continue to run smoothly in her facility. She takes pride in her work and that example shines, challenging those around her to be better and do better. She continuously goes
above and beyond.

Thank you, Norma!