2021 – AL Administrator & Nurse WEBINAR

  • Course Overview

    This training course is intended:

    • to prepare the licensed nurse with the knowledge, skills, and desirable attitude to be successful in this vital and growing industry.
    • for individuals who have already completed the IHCA Assisted Living Administrator Course, (this course may NOT be taken in lieu of a required course for licensure) but have either not passed the Headmasters exam or would like to have in-person guidance prior to taking the exam; and/or
    • for licensed AL Administrators interested in a refresher or to meet CEU requirements.

    This course provides the AL Administrator & Licensed Nurse with an enhanced knowledge of the AL industry and the critical role of the nurse. Attendees will better understand the scope & standards of practice of the Licensed Nurse and regulations associated with Delegation by the nurse to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs).

  • Agenda

    Thursday, April 1, 2021     Total Hours 3.5

    1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (2.0 CEUs)

    Financial Planning & Management and Admission Agreements | Virginia Thornley, Administrator, The Cottages of Boise

    How do you develop & implement a method for monitoring & evaluating the financial performance of a business? Do you understand the different reimbursement systems in ALs in Idaho and how they apply & pay for care? Can you recognize the financial impact of care plan decisions?

    This session will also include a review of the resident’s Admission Agreement & Negotiated Services Agreement; examine what your Admission Agreement should include to meet the intent of the regulations and have you complete a case study on how different reimbursement systems paid for a resident’s care.

    3:15 pm- 4:15 pm  (1.0 CEUs)

    “That’s My Story & I’m Stickin To It…” Accidents – Incidents, Investigations and Reporting | Chuck Bosen, RN, Regional Vice President – Idaho, Edgewood Management Group, LLC

    Accidents will happen! This session will focus on responding to a fall event by completing a root-cause-analysis. The goal will be to understand why the event occurred and not just knowing what happened. By knowing the “why”, there is a much higher likelihood of preventing recurrence. It will also include real case scenarios where you will demonstrate the most effective root-cause process.

    4:30 pm- 5:00 pm  (0.5 CEUs)

    What’s NCAL? | Robert Vande Merwe, Executive Director, Idaho Health Care Association

    Did you know your membership with IHCA also gives you membership & benefits with NCAL? Robert will introduce you to NCAL and the benefits you probably don’t even know you have!

    Friday, April 2, 2021  Total Hours 3.5

    1:00 pm – 2:00 pm  (1.0 CEUs)

    Customer ServiceMike Briggs, Director of Community Relations, Keystone Hospice 

    Satisfaction drives the world of hospitality. A satisfied team will create a satisfied customer and a satisfied customer will create a satisfied team. But how does this chicken or the egg scenario get started? It all boils down to expectations and how to create them. Resident and employee on-boarding share many of the same principles and we will cover some best practices that should create a culture of satisfaction.

    2:15 pm- 3:15 pm  (1.0 CEUs)

    Home Health & Hospice in Assisted Living | Honey Goodman, CEO, Treasure Valley Hospice

    Entering into an agreement with a home health &/or hospice agency does not relinquish an assisted living of the responsibility of resident care. In this session you will understand the importance of developing a strong coordination of care with home health & hospice staff and the resources they have to share that contribute to the quality of care provided to the resident.

    3:30 pm- 5:00 pm  (1.5 CEUs)

    “Stories We Could Tell…” Assisted Living Surveys, Trends, & How-to Write an Effective & Acceptable Plan of Correction | Dee Cunningham, RN, Consultant

    This session will review the survey process, discuss best practices for survey preparation, review the trends and critique a POC for effectiveness & acceptance.

  • Handouts

    Links to handouts will be e-mailed to registered attendees.

  • Fees

      • $149. up to 7 CEUs possible.

    Registration/payment for a live ZOOM webinar does not guarantee CEUs will be awarded.

    One [1] CEU is awarded for every sixty [60] minutes of actual live ZOOM webinar presentation time.

    CEUs are awarded only to those individuals:

    > Who are “registered” for the LIVE ZOOM webinar (no substitutions are made). Registered attendees receive a log-in link unique to the registrant and with a note that the link is “unique” and not to be shared, and with an additional NOTE: “IF you share your unique registration link or the phone number, you risk losing CEUs for this program!”
    > In actual attendance of the presentation (ZOOM “Attendance Report” documents actual time logged-in and logged-out. During the housekeeping comments, registered attendees are informed “to receive CEUs you must attend the entire presentation and complete the polling question at the end of the presentation.”
    > At the end of the presentation a polling question is provided for the registered attendee to “certify they have attended the entire presentation.”

    IHCA staff will pull “Attendees”; “Q&A” and “Poll” reports from ZOOM to ascertain registrants on the webinar, length of time they were on and completion of the polling “certifying” they attended the entire program. Only those registrants will have their name submitted to receive CEUs.


    Registrants are not to share their log-in link or webinar phone number. Doing so could result in the authorized registrant not receiving CEUs for the session.

    If a registrant is unable to attend, there is a link at the bottom of their registration e-mail, 1 day, and 1-hour reminder e-mails that allows them to cancel their registration for a refund, prior to the start of the webinar.

    Registrants must retain copies of their CEU certificate and any handouts in the event they are audited by the licensing agency.

    Education offered by IHCA may also be sufficient for other license types (i.e. social work, certified dietary manager, etc.) as long as the learning objectives and educational levels of the presenter(s) meet the licensure requirements. It is up to each attendee to determine the appropriateness of a session and whether it will meet the requirements of their license type.


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