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Am I too old to be a CNA?

Being a certified nursing assistant is a rewarding job that provides meaning to both patients and providers. Older employees looking for a career change or getting back into the workforce have the life experience that make them perfect for CNA work.

And with the CNA grant program, getting a CNA certificate is also free. Qualified candidates can take CNA classes at no charge and get paid while getting an education.
Many say that they’ve never found a more rewarding job than being a CNA.

 A Career Where Your Experience Counts

Assisted nursing facilities appreciate older workers.

Older workers know what it’s like to get sick and need help. They’ve had family who needed their care. They’ve seen people going through the death process. Younger people don’t have this experience and often lack the life experiences that build empathy for others.

Older employees are valued in nursing facilities because of their life experiences. That experience counts toward making a connection with patients and guiding younger employees on how to act toward the elderly.

 You know you care for older people

Older workers also have the experience of caring for their aging family. The experience of caring for older parents as they decline is invaluable in a nursing care facility. Like older parents, patients need round the clock supervision and a caring attitude.

Caring for the elderly also requires patience. Patients don’t always feel good every day. They need support and people willing to watch for health complications. Having experience caring for an elderly family member is invaluable as a CNA.

You’re not afraid of hard work

You may need to lift a patient from the bed to a wheelchair. You may need to clean a diaper. You may need to help them bath.

Caring for the elderly is hard work. It’s also the most appreciated work in health care because you’re caring for a person when they need someone the most. It’s not the easiest job. However, being a CNA can be one of the most rewarding jobs in healthcare.

Bringing a compassionate spirit to healthcare makes employees valued in a nursing facility. Wouldn’t you want a caring person caring for your family? Having an attitude of compassion toward work makes you an ideal candidate for a nursing facility.