Caregiver (CNA) Grant for Facilities – Ends JUNE 30, 2020

How to participate for the Caregiver (CNA) Grant as a facility

Step 1: Register

  1. Complete “Request to Participate in Idaho Caregiver Career Program” and submit to IHCA Foundation.
  2. Make sure that IHCA has listed you as a participating facility from here.

Request to Participate

Step 2: Hire

  1. Hire a CNA applicant.
  2. Help the applicant enroll to a CNA Course listed here or equivalent.
  3. Complete “Initial Application of Intent to Request Grant Money” and submit to IHCA Foundation.

Intent to Request Grant Money
(See page 1)

Step 3: Train

  1. Communicate with the applicant as they complete their certification training and earn a CNA certificate.
  2. Track the applicants work hours to ensure they worked the initial 1040 work hours, which is about six months of full time work.
  3. Provide the $500 bonus when the employee reaches the 1040 hour mark.

Step 4: Reimburse

  1. After the applicant earned certification and has worked as a CNA more than 1040 hours, submit “Request for Reimbursement” form with supporting documents to IHCA Foundation.
  2. Once the document has approved, IHCA Foundation will mail the reimbursement check. This could take up to three months.

Request for Reimbursement
(See page 2)

About Caregiver (CNA) Grant Program