Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator-in-Training Course

The training program has two parts, self study and “hands-on” experiences in a skilled nursing facility as an Administrator-in-Training (AIT). As an AIT you will have the guidance of a preceptor who is an effective administrator.

  • Self-Study Assignments are contained in a training manual that is provided once registration is received. The manual describes all of the requirements to obtain an Idaho administrator’s license and provides guidelines for working through the Study Guide. The training program includes a Study Guide written by the National Board of Examiners that helps you to prepare for the national examination required to be an administrator.
  • AIT training is also described in the manual. You will be required to self-assess your abilities to perform as an administrator using the self-assessment instruments provided. The self-assessments that you will discuss with your preceptor will serve as the basis for your AIT training.
  • Extra Help: Experienced administrators will be available to help with any questions as you go through the program.
  • Cost: Total Program cost, including manual and study guide, is $500 for members and $750 for non-members. Please call IHCA for more information about how to register for this course – 208-343-9735.