Assisted Living Nurses Training

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This training program was developed to help the licensed nurse who works in an assisted living facility to prepare for this area of practice. It is and has been recognized by personnel in Idaho’s State Department of Health and Welfare, Idaho Board of Nursing, administrators of assisted living facilities, members of the Idaho Health Care Association and members of the Idaho Assisted Living Nurses Association that many nurses do not know the role and responsibilities of the licensed nurse working in assisted living. This kind of preparation is not part of the nurse’s basic education. Many nurses are hired part-time and are expected to know what to do from day one. The purpose of this training program is to prepare the licensed nurse with the knowledge, skills, and desirable attitude to be successful in this vital and growing industry.

The nursing field of practice in assisted living is relatively new in comparison to other practice arenas, such as acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and home health care. The assisted living industry is growing. Senior citizens are choosing more frequently to move into assisted living facilities when they require some assistance with activities of daily living. Younger residents who need assistance with ADLs also reside in ALFs. The younger population includes persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. Licensed nurses are in demand to meet the nursing needs of the AL growing population. However, with the prevalent shortage of nurses throughout the healthcare industry, qualified nurses are hard to find.

In Idaho, there are few full-time licensed nurses working in assisted living facilities. The larger the facility, the more likely there is a full-time licensed nurse. Owners of smaller facilities are reluctant to hire a full-time nurse because of costs. Administrators often restrict nursing hours. The nurse is pressured to oversee many residents within this restricted time. Delegation by the nurse to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs) is often not supervised correctly. Safety and proper care to the resident may be jeopardized. The licensed nurse in AL finds that she/he is not working side by side with another licensed nurse, a situation very different from the hospital and skilled nursing facilities.

This training program addresses the many factors that must be in place to assure no harm comes to residents. The licensed nurse will have the opportunity to review and study the content, become knowledgeable about the role and responsibilities germane to assisted living practice, focus on problem solving, and gain confidence as a licensed nurse who serves this vulnerable population.

  • Certificate Of Completion. Participants who complete the program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from the Idaho Health Care Association.
  • CEU Certificate.  Participants who complete the full classroom training can earn up to 13 CEUs.

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