AHCA Quality Award

quality_awardAs the health care market becomes ever more consumer-driven, long-term care residents and their families, as well as payers and regulators, are looking for quantifiable indicators of quality. The AHCA Quality Award was created in 1996 to respond to this need and to better reflect the growing trends in quality management and performance measurement.

In the Award program, Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 applications will be accepted. Applicants for the Step 1 award will be judged on their facility’s application of key quality fundamentals including vision/mission statement and on their understanding of key business factors. Applicants for a Step 2 Award will be judged on their application of key organizational elements of quality. Applications at the Step 3 level address the Baldrige Criteria in its entirety. Award examiners will also consider an applicant’s statement of survey deficiencies and their progress on at least one clinical quality indicator.

Eligibility Guidelines
All long term care and assisted living facilities that are members in good standing of the American Health Care Association are eligible for participation in the AHCA Quality Award program.

Application Procedures
Facilities interested in participating in the award program may request an application packet by calling (202) 898-6332. The application packet may also be downloaded from AHCA’s web site at www.AhcaNcal.org .