HealthCare Interactive’s CARES® Serious Mental Illness™ Online Training Program

  • Course Overview

    The training is an on-line, self-study program on ahcancalED. It focuses on how caregivers can develop care strategies for those with serious mental illness and how it differs from dementia. The program dives into schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, major depression, PTSD, borderline personality, and general psychosis, and provides helpful strategies for caring for people living with a serious mental illness to become their best selves.

    The online training includes engaging content, interactive activities, case studies, and numerous real-life videos (no actors) of actual staff, experts, families, and people living with dementia and serious mental illness. CARES Serious Mental Illness Online Training and Certification includes four modules:

    • Introduction to Serious Mental Illness
    • Understanding Serious Mental Illness
    • Living with Serious Mental Illness
    • The CARES Approach for Providing Appropriate Care

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    Course Flyer – HERE

  • Fees & Pricing Sheet

    $99 per individual and all AHCA/NCAL members receive 15% off that price when they use promo code AHCA15 at checkout.

    21 CARES Pricing Sheet – HERE

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