2022 Idaho Wound Care Coalition 14th Annual Consensus Meeting

  • IWCC

    The Idaho Wound Care Coalition (IWCC) is a non-profit organization whose vision is to educate healthcare professionals across the continuum of care in prevention and treatment of wounds.  It is the mission of the Idaho Wound Care Coalition to protect the skin integrity of all people at risk for wounds through education of health care providers, administrators, patients, family and communities.

  • Agenda Item

    7:00 am

    Check-in | Expo Open | Posters | Strategic Exchange Sessions

    How to Develop Low Cost Posters

    Poster Application Submission Guidelines

    8:00 am


    Wound Care & COVID Pandemic

    Joyce Black, PhD, RN, FAAN

    Reconstruction Options for LE Wounds

    Dr. Louis Poppler, Plastic Surgery

    10:15 am

    Morning Break | Expo Open | Posters | Strategic Exchange Sessions

    Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease in
    Chronic Lower Extremity Ulcers

    Dr. Jeffrey Gilbertson, Vascular Surgery

    11:45 am 1:00 pm

    Networking Lunch | Expo Open | Posters | Strategic Exchange Sessions

    A Physical Therapist’s Approach to Healing Complicated VSUs

    Mary McVicars Heckel, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, CWS

    One Foot, Two Foot, Red Foot, Blue Foot:
    Prevention of Amputation with the Help of Dr. Seuss

    Margaret Doucette, DO, CWS-P, ABPM/UHM

    3:00 pm

    Afternoon Break | Expo Open | Posters | Strategic Exchange Sessions

    Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Keys to Success

    Bryan Gibby, PT

    4:20 pm 4:30 pm

    Wrap Up & Drawings for Door Prizes

    Download a copy – HERE


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  • Handouts

    Access handouts – HERE

    More Than Just Getting a Leg Up (revised) – HANDOUT

    Surgical Management of Lower Extremity Wounds – HANDOUT

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