Assisted Living Administrator and Nurse Training (Zoom)

  • Course Overview

    This webinar addresses the some of many factors that must be in place to ensure that no harm comes to residents. The Assisted Living (AL) Administrator and Licensed Nurse will have the opportunity to review the content, become knowledgeable about the roles and responsibilities required in an assisted living practice, focus on problem solving, and gain confidence in your role as one who serves this vulnerable population.

    This training course is intended:

    • To prepare the licensed nurse with the knowledge, skills, and desirable attitude to be successful in this vital and growing industry.
    • For individuals who have already completed the IHCA Assisted Living Administrator Course, but have either not passed the Headmasters exam or would like to have in-person guidance prior to taking the exam (this course may NOT be taken in lieu of a required course for licensure); and/or
    • For licensed Assisted Living Administrators interested in a refresher or to meet CEU requirements.

    This course provides the Assisted Living Administrator and Licensed Nurse with an enhanced knowledge of the AL industry and the critical role of the nurse. Attendees will better understand the scope and standards of practice of the Licensed Nurse and regulations regarding Delegation by the nurse to Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAPs).

  • Agenda

    Tuesday, October 25, 2022

    Total Hours 3.5

    1:00 pm – 2:30 pm MT


    How to Prepare Your Staff for Survey | Lea Stoltz, Health Care Consultant

     This presentation will include an overview of the survey process, including observation and interview components. Participants will use actual survey questions on abuse prohibition, infection control and safety in an interactive session. Preparation and stress relieving exercises will also be presented. Participants will leave the session with knowledge of the day-by-day survey process, their role in providing information to the survey team, and techniques to de-stress during the survey.

    2:45 pm- 3:45 pm


    Infection Prevention: Lessons Learned and a Bridge to a Better Future

    Tina Loch, Infection Prevention Specialist—Idaho Division of Public Health

     Discussion of infection prevention and control knowledge gained and how it impacts our future practices. How to apply knowledge gained through COVID to other infectious pathogens. Understanding the resources, tools, and supports available developed to support IPC practices specifically for ALFs. Understanding the resources, tools, and supports for educating staff on IPC practices.

    4:00 pm- 5:00 pm


    How to Deal with Problem Employees and Tips for Termination

    Carsten Petersen, Attorney—Hawley Troxel

     In every group, there seems to be at least one person who saps morale, slows productivity, and stirs up anger in other team members because of his or her bad attitude, refusal to play by the rules, or disturbing behavior. Some real-life examples and HR tips on what to do about difficult employees and dealing with problem people. This presentation will provide an understanding of applicable laws regarding employee discipline and termination, tips when terminating an employee, and avoiding wrongful termination claims.

    Wednesday, October 26, 2022

    Total Hours 3.5

    1:00 pm – 2:00 pm MT


    Keeping the Staff we Have:  Building Culture to Improve Employee Retention  

    Kelee Hansen, Registered Dietician & Owner—S&S Nutrition Network, Inc

    When you focus on finding the right fit between an employee’s strengths and the job he/she is asked to perform, success is almost guaranteed to follow. Tips on developing plans to help them reach their goals, providing useful feedback, and celebrating achievement to create a win-win situation for both employee and organization.

    2:15 pm- 3:45 pm


    Perception of Resident Abuse: The Resident/Family Perception is Their Reality  

    Oni Kinberg, Director of Social Services—Idaho State Veterans Home

     Preventing resident abuse is important. Preventing the perception of abuse is also important. The presenter will help describe how to prevent abuse through company culture, and how to prevent the perception of abuse.

    3:45 pm- 4:45 pm


    How On Earth Am I Going to Get Through All This…?  

    Lianna Erickson-Trembath, Idaho Counseling Assoc President—North Country Wellness

     A healthy lifestyle is essential to coping with stress and achieving work life balance. Identifying personal stress symptoms and behaviors will assist you in becoming personally and professionally aware of your overall wellbeing. This presentation will help you create your own personal self-care plan to examine your life and start making you the main priority.

    • Become aware of symptoms of stress and how they affect the immune system.
    • Identify techniques to manage and minimize the impact of stress at work and home.
    • Create a personal self-care plan to achieve work life balance.


  • Handouts

    Print a copy of the agenda here:  2022.10.25-26 Webinar Agenda

  • Fees and CEUs

    • $149.00 per person
    • Up to 7 CEUs possible

    Registration/payment for a live ZOOM webinar does not guarantee CEUs will be awarded. Generally, one (1) CEU is awarded for every sixty (60) minutes of actual live ZOOM webinar presentation time.

    CEUs are awarded only to those individuals:

    • Who are “registered” for the LIVE ZOOM webinar (no substitutions allowed).
    • Are actually in attendance at the presentation. Registered attendees are informed that to receive CEUs you must attend the entire presentation.

    Registrant Responsibilities:

    • Registered attendees receive a log-in link unique to the registrant and with a note that the link is “unique” and not to be shared.
    • Registrants are not to share their log-in link or webinar phone number. Doing so could result in the authorized registrant not receiving CEUs for the session.
    • If a registrant is unable to attend, there is a link at the bottom of their registration e-mail that allows them to cancel their registration for a refund, prior to the start of the webinar.
    • Registrants must retain copies of their CEU certificate and any handouts in the event they are audited by the licensing agency.

    Education offered by Idaho Health Care Association (IHCA) may also be sufficient for other license types (i.e.: Social Work, Certified Dietary Manager, etc.) as long as the learning objectives and educational levels of the presenter(s) meet the licensure requirements. It is up to each attendee to determine the appropriateness of a session and whether it will meet the requirements of their license type.


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