2020 – Staying Positive During Challenging Times WEBINAR

  • Course Overview

    As we look around, it’s easy to be pessimistic and negative about how the world seems to be trending. It’s important to remember that, we as individuals, have the ultimate influence on our mindset, attitude and action. We can’t control external circumstances, but we can control how we respond to them. We live in a world where the media shines the light on crisis, chaos and negativity but we have to remember that the information we choose to consume will influence our mental and emotional state. And our mental and emotional state directly influences our performance and our ability to adapt to change.

    Presentation Objectives:
    * Learn how to harness power of “garbage in – garbage out”
    * Learn how your brain’s RAS seeks negative information
    * Learn how to develop positive habits to find routine in uncertainty
    * Discover how to take control of your focus and state of being
    * Learn to process emotional triggers in times of hardship
    * Learn exercises to minimize stress and maximize calmness

  • Presenter

    Time & Presenter

    10:00 am – 11:00 am MT

    60 – possibly 75 minutes depending upon questions.  You will have the opportunity to submit questions during the registration process and during the presentation.

    Presenter:  George Carroll

    George is a High Energy and High Content Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author and Event Leader. His engaging and motivational style combined with actionable tips and his laugh-out-loud sense of humor will leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle challenges in the workplace, and in your personal life.

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  • Fees


    • $49/person

    1.0 CEU possible.  Education offered by IHCA may also be sufficient for other license types (i.e. social work, certified dietary manager, etc.) as long as the learning objectives and educational levels of the presenter(s) meet the licensure requirements. It is up to each attendee to determine the appropriateness of a session and whether it will meet the requirements of their license type.

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