2020 – Idaho IDDSI Implementation Project Interactive WEBINAR

Date: 10/01

  • Course Overview

    The IDDSI provides a common terminology to describe food textures and drink thickness. The IDDSI framework consists of a continuum of 8 levels (0-7), where drinks are measured from Levels 0 – 4, while foods are measured from Levels 3 – 7. Confusion and miscommunication regarding diet textures and drink consistencies has resulted in increased risk of illness and even death.

    Implementation of the IDDSI requires support from all staff (administrators, nursing, physicians, therapy staff, dietitians, kitchen staff) of a facility/agency and consistency in transitions of care to various levels of care, therefore, all provider types (hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living, ICF-ID, home health, hospice, & home care) are encouraged to participate in this interactive training session.

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  • Presenter

    Time & Presenter

    2:00 pm – 5:00 pm MT

    Sue Linja, RDN, LD graduated from the University of Idaho in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics in 1988 and has spent most of her years as a business owner providing much needed nutrition services to a variety of health care entities. Expert nutrition consulting for skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, psychiatric care, home health, assisted living, corrections, ICF-ID facilities, schools, and physicians’ clinics for outpatient education and many others has been the goal of the business since its inception over 25 years ago. Sue’s focus has been working with long term care facilities in the capacity of nutrition services director, clinical dietitian, health facility surveyor and dietitian consultant.

  • Handouts

    Handouts will be e-mailed to the registrants.


  • Fees

        • $49/person

    ~2.5 CEUs possible.

    Registration/payment for a live ZOOM webinar does not guarantee CEUs will be awarded.

    One [1] CEU is awarded for every sixty [60] minutes of actual live ZOOM webinar presentation time.

    CEUs are awarded only to those individuals:

        • Who are “registered” for the LIVE ZOOM webinar (no substitutions are made). Registered attendees receive a log-in link unique to the registrant and with a note that the link is “unique” and not to be shared, and with an additional NOTE:  “IF you share your unique registration link or the phone number, you risk losing CEUs for this program!”
        • In actual attendance of the presentation (ZOOM “Attendance Report” documents actual time logged-in and logged-out. During the housekeeping comments, registered attendees are informed “to receive CEUs you must attend the entire presentation and complete the polling question at the end of the presentation.”
        • At the end of the presentation a polling question is provided for the registered attendee to “certify they have attended the entire presentation.”

    IHCA staff will pull “Attendees”; “Q&A” and “Poll” reports from ZOOM to ascertain registrants on the webinar, length of time they were on and completion of the polling “certifying” they attended the entire program.  Only those registrants will have their name submitted to receive CEUs.


    Registrants are not to share their log-in link or webinar phone number. Doing so could result in the authorized registrant not receiving CEUs for the session.

        • If a registrant is unable to attend, there is a link at the bottom of their registration e-mail, 1 day, and 1-hour reminder e-mails that allows them to cancel their registration for a refund, prior to the start of the webinar.

    Registrants must retain copies of their CEU certificate and any handouts in the event they are audited by the licensing agency.

    Education offered by IHCA may also be sufficient for other license types (i.e. social work, certified dietary manager, etc.) as long as the learning objectives and educational levels of the presenter(s) meet the licensure requirements. It is up to each attendee to determine the appropriateness of a session and whether it will meet the requirements of their license type.

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