SNF AIT Preceptor REFRESHER Certification Course

Date: 01/01 - 12/31

  • Who should be interested?

    Preceptors play an important role in training, aspiring administrators to deal with a variety of situations while successfully running a facility.

    In this course, participants will:

    • Re-familiarize yourself with IBOL Statutes, Administrative Rules & Forms; and
    • How-to access the NAB AIT Program Manual.

    Upon successful completion (80% or better) of the Course Completion Exam, participants will receive a certification from IHCA and be better prepared to create a comprehensive program that cultivates successful AITs.

    PLEASE NOTE before registering for this course:

    To register for this REFRESHER Course, you must have completed the SNF AIT Preceptor Course in the past.

    If you have questions, contact Robert Vande Merwe @ 208.343.9735 or

  • Fees

    Members: $250. (call IHCA for verification you completed SNF AIT Preceptor course in the past then discount code will be provided BEFORE processing registration) No discounts will be provided post-registration.

    Non-Members: $500.

    Once registered & paid, it is non-refundable & non-transferrable

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